Inspiration in Wood

Tree of Life Scuplture on an Oak Cross

Wood worked so that you can...

feel the spirit of the tree as it lives on in a beautifully worked article

feel the flowing lines which match and enhance the beauty inherent in the grain and texture

feel the love and inspiration with which each piece of wood is turned into a work of art.

Cherry Writing Desk

Latest Exhibition:

I am a Peace of Nature
and I am Beautiful

Examples of work in Wood by
Richard Brockbank
showing the unexpected Beauty within Nature

Die künstlerische Arbeit mit Holz
macht unerwartete Schönheit in der Natur sichtbar

Come, see and feel

Eröffnung am Samstag, 11. Mai ab 18.30
Cafe/ Galerie „Las Puertas“
Unterhaching Rathausplatz 4 (Nähe S- Bahnhof,S 3)

With elements common to Shaker principles and the Arts and Crafts movement, my aim is to create furniture and other pieces which are functional, and yet also soothe the senses and feed the soul.

I have developed a method of working with each individual piece of wood in a free flowing way which achieves a classic contemporary style of graceful, organic furniture. I prefer to work with local timbers wherever possible, using traditional furniture making techniques. This approach enhances the inherent beauty in the wood, by working with the pattern and grain and allowing inspiration to dictate the design. Much of the work is individual, involving a lot of hand shaping and finishing. This inevitably takes more time, but also means that I invest more of myself in each piece of work, which in turn, gives you a uniquely finished product not only to enjoy, but also to make a positive difference to your life.

Please look at the gallery pages for examples of my work, I am now settled in Munich.

Richard Brockbank